Viewtube conquers Italy

As our good customer “Sodastream” had a message to tell all over the world, they obtained for “The viewtube. The cage situated a problem towards the GREEN environment , and the viewtube delivered the solution by showing their products. This manner of sending out a message gave a lot of Rumors in the world, on which they anticipated very hard.


Our clients
FM Steps Sint-Niklaas
The Rotube had just been placed, and we already had eager potential customers. That first day, already some items were sold out. So that's very positive! Extra changes = extra turnover opportunities and that we use in this Rowtube promotion for Steps.
It is a wonderful product it arouses the attention of the customer by the rotating motion. Really SUPER!!

Sincerely, Isabel Deckere
FM Steps Sint-Niklaas
Brussels Airport with JCDecaux and Viewtube.
We had a Sodastream campaign in December with a standard stand and a new product called View Tube.
This rotating column showcase allows to present some products live in a dynamic furniture also with poster visibility. Easy to implement and to install, it’s a dynamic way to introduce product to passengers in airport, especially in waiting lounge for instance. This new product has also been well accepted by airport authorities and have had great success with passengers as well ! We have been pleased to welcome this new idea and open minded to get other client’s campaign with this product.

Emmanuel Courcol | Airport Advertising Director
JCDecaux Belgium S.A.
Claire's Shoe shop - Roeselare
"After the shop was refitted, we really needed a tool for catching people's attention. Viewtube fulfilled all our expectations on that account. It immediately attracts the attention of passers-by walking down the High Street. There's no doubt that it is an excellent catalyst for sales in our shop."
Viewtube really fits in with our particular needs. Its clean lines are synonymous with elegance, which fits perfectly with our newly renovated shop. It is great to see how people stop alongside our shop window,
attracted by the Viewtube concept. What is more, every month we place new items in it along with accessories in the background. We are therefore able to introduce new brands, fashions and trends to our customers. Besides, our suppliers really like this concept too – they want to have their own products put on display like this.
Adirack second-hand shelving

Nowadays, how do you get visitors to stop in front of the stand at a trade fair? A viable product is not enough. People should be crowding around in front of the stand and as we didn't want an open bar to help that happen, Viewtube gave us great results.
Adirack is a company which specialises in the shelving and accessories trade for warehouses. We have got several significant strong points, among which are a sizeable stock and a very wide selection of products.
Thanks to Viewtube, we have been able to convey our message easily during trade fairs in which we have participated. The rotating plinth attracts the attention of passers-by and lets us display our different types of shelving in an attractive way. Also, as this device is separated from the public, everyone's safety can be guaranteed.
Van Bommel
How are shoes made and why is this still the work of a genuine craftsman? Not many people are still interested in this and it is high time to let shoppers know about it. Viewtube is the perfect medium to do so, thanks to the flexible layout of the rotating display. This moving platform has been divided into three sub-sections by vertical partitions, each one highlighting a separate message about the product.
- The 1st section shows a cross-section of a shoe and on the partition wall you can find out about the life span of the product and the quality of the materials used.
- The 2nd section displays this cross-section again, while the comfort features of the product are listed in the background.
- The 3rd section displays the whole shoe, while the wall behind it emphasises the beauty and elegance of this design.