Viewtube conquers Italy

As our good customer “Sodastream” had a message to tell all over the world, they obtained for “The viewtube. The cage situated a problem towards the GREEN environment , and the viewtube delivered the solution by showing their products. This manner of sending out a message gave a lot of Rumors in the world, on which they anticipated very hard.


Viewtube emerged from the following questions:
  1. How can you attract the attention of passers-by?
  2. How do you create a positive first impression in the customer?
  3. How can I display my product to optimum effect?
  4. How can I keep the customer's attention for long enough so that I can put forward my full sales pitch?
Because it rotates, which instinctively attracts attention, Viewtube is an unusual product and presenting a fitting display of your message is just one of its many advantages.
Movement attracts attention
During one experiment, moving objects caught the eye of all the passers-by, except for a few close by, who turned to look spontaneously, even though their attention did not linger.
The cylindrical display case has the following features:
  1. Products are placed inside it on a circular rotating plinth.
  2. This display case is separated from the public by a glass cylinder.
  3. Products are lit from above.
  4. Vertical partitions can be used between different products.
A message which reaches its destination
  1. The consumer can get much closer. Furthermore, Viewtube is set up outside the shop. As a result, even the passers-by doing their shopping have access to the conveyed message.
  2. In this way, customers already know your sales pitch as they come into the shop.
  3. The consumer's attention is generally held long enough for the whole message to be conveyed. As the various displays rotate past, the consumer, through natural curiosity, watches the products go by at least one more time.
Advantages of using Viewtube
  1. Its movement "grabs your attention".
  2. The products cannot be handled as they are placed behind a window.
  3. Viewtube attracts attention thanks to its cylindrical shape made of curved glass.
  4. A complete view of products from every possible angle.
  5. You can opt for a separate display of different products, or choose to display one item only from several angles.
  6. The opportunity to highlight several sales pitches.