Viewtube conquers Italy

As our good customer “Sodastream” had a message to tell all over the world, they obtained for “The viewtube. The cage situated a problem towards the GREEN environment , and the viewtube delivered the solution by showing their products. This manner of sending out a message gave a lot of Rumors in the world, on which they anticipated very hard.


Viewtube can be used in many ways in various sectors:
  1. Shopping centres
  2. Branded goods
  3. Luxury goods
  4. Perfume
  5. Beverages
  6. Clothing
  7. Medical
  8. Chain stores
  9. Hotels
  10. Independent shops
  11. Services
  12. Human resources
  13. Hospitals.

The professionals below are all just as convinced of the advantages in using Viewtube:
  1. Stand constructors
  2. Advertising agencies
  3. Interior architects
  4. Event organisers
  5. Public institutions
A few illustrative examples:
  1. Geoxversie
  2. Achtergrondversie
  3. Project Wijnegem